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Penguin ReadersEste mes, Ronan O’Donnell nos habla sobre la serie de libros Penguin Readers en la nueva entrada de “Tu cita con el inglés”. Seguro que muchos ya habéis leído alguno de estos libros, ya fuera durante los estudios secundarios o en una academia de inglés. La ventaja de esta colección de libros está en que están organizados por niveles, por lo que es bastante sencillo dar con una lectura adecuada para tu nivel de inglés.


Penguin readers belong to a series of graded reading suitable for students at beginner or advanced level. The books are written by English language professionals to cater for 6 different language abilities and there is an online test for you to complete to determine your level and help you to choose the most suitable book for you.

Research has shown that reading a lot of interesting material at an appropriate level will help students to:

  • ● improve their reading skills and become faster and more fluent readers
  • ● improve their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
  • ● improve their spelling
  • ● improve other language skills including writing, speaking and listening
  • ● improve their general knowledge
  • ● improve their confidence in reading and their attitude to reading for pleasure
  •    Penguin Readers Teacher’s Guide to Developing Listening Skills (Carolyn Walker, 2001)

There are 6 different level tests for you to choose from. You must get 18 out of a total of 30 questions correct in the level test in order to qualify for that particular level. These books can also be chosen according to the genre: Classic, contemporary, original and Film & TV and you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. These books can be found in most bookshops or can also be found new or second-hand on-line.

Free audio downloads, activities and worksheets suitable for each students level of English are also available on the Penguin website www.penguinreaders.com . The audio downloads are very useful for students to help familiarise them with spoken language that has been graded for their level. A good example can be found here.

The advantages of using these books with the audio cassette are many and include improved listening comprehension skills and pronunciation skills such as recognition of sentence and word stress and intonation patterns.

These readers are also used for some Cambridge exams and the Penguin levels 1-6 correlate with the different levels required for certain exams. For example, a level 6 reader is equivalent to the reading level you would be expected to achieve for the Cambridge CAE exam or a score of 6.5/7 in the IELTS exam and the level 5 reader would similarly be equivalent to the reading level required for passing the FCE exam or achieving a score of 5/6 in the IELTS exam.

Happy reading!

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